New Single out: “Gringo”

“Gringo is the only piano-less tune and one of my most recent compositions in the album. I chose this title because the melody somehow reminded me of a “spaghetti western” soundtrack by Morricone, even though it is actually a proper Jazz tune, with some Tristano-like influence and a deep swinging feel. The “western movie” mood was probably due to the fact that the tune was written in the middle of the summer, while living in the very hot and desert city of Florence.”

Check out my first single “TRUTH” out on Spotify!

Debut album release on June 4 2021!!!

The Auanders – Michele Tino

On the release day of “Text(Us)” he joined our party while traveling by train returning from his concert with fellow musicians Michelangelo Scandroglio, Alessandro Lanzoni and Bernardo Guerra, Michele Tino is the alto sax and flute player of “The Auanders”.

You can still watch the release party on our Facebook page here:

The Auanders are people who share a vision and a goal: spreading beauty, avoiding the easy win in the contemporary music business, pushing boundaries while innovating sounds as well as the composition process.